3 tips to transform your room with color.

With these paintings, you can transform your room with color and achieve it for a week.

Let the color be your friend, do not fight it, but embrace color and use your imagination.

You can decide to paint only one accent wall or maybe trim. Try to paint the air with color, it will make the room totally different.

1. Painting is very economic, you can change the mood of the room by changing the color. Most rooms can be painted with 2 liters or less. Painting is one of the cheapest ways to change the room from bad and elegant.

2. 50 shades of gray more or less. Gray is very different and may differ in how the room looks like what shade you use and where you decide to use it. Gray can be from blue to green and brown. You can use your choice in the air or all the walls or maybe just the accent wall. I would suggest getting a sample of your choice and painting a stain on the wall so you can see how it looks like different times of the day. You could paint a thin plywood or poster board different colors as you are favorite and hang them on a wall to see how the light at different times of day affects them. One trick would be to paint in different shades of the same gray by using the darkness on one wall with a lighter shadow on the other.

3. Painting does not require much tools or equipment to get started. You need to direct a brush to cut the edges, roller, roller head and pole to be good so you can reach the ceiling. There is also a need for a tray and a step. Some tape and something to cover the floor. You should be able to complete the project this weekend. Take time to eat and cover the floor and the furniture with plastic. You can do the first or last clip, just make sure you do not dry the case completely before it's finished. It is always best to cut in when the paint is still moist.

Use your imagination and change the mood of the room to your liking. If you do not have a fancy color look on the web for inspiration, ask a friend or design.

Do not be afraid of color!

Source by Forrest Ketner

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