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Most apprentices are able to break a horse fast, which is great at runners and most of their work is usually done in such situations. However, in aviation (distance more than 1-1 / 8 miles) they usually do not as well. This is not necessarily because they lack basic skills, but because they are lacking in the experience needed to assess the speed of the race correctly. An experienced footballer can act as a runner up to perform as well in long-term competitions.

Also give an extra point of experienced football on obstacle competition than on flat racing. A talent game becomes even more important in obstacles because it does not matter how fast the horse is if the soccer federation falls or the horse runs out, the race for the horse is over. It is not even possible second or third third place.

Search for the value of odds as much as likely to winners. If you continue to search for them, you will learn to bring them up quickly. Look for a horse that has a fair chance of working and is not too short. This is usually a good price range in the long run. In contrast to 10: 1, you have to work once in ten attempts to break even. Anything more is profit. Horses support a lot of information services and computer players can work more often but are generally poor value.

The website or bookmaker's web pages are very well-informed and have a long experience in determining the odds. Their starting price is usually an excellent indication of which horses are likely to be among the first three in a particular competition. Sometimes the number of punters will add a lot of weight and money to a horse that will then go to genuine prices and because of that, other horse prices began on the market, which is longer. As a result of horses shown to favorite or other favorite at the beginning of the prize, the list can be omitted as soon as the start of the race is approached and its chances are significantly improved, it is longer. This does not happen very often, but when it happens, bet on the horse that was originally favorite. It's always a good value bet and in the long run you should earn.

When the track is slow or heavy, give yourself a quick privilege. Slow, muddy and heavy track conditions usually support the horse that takes early lead. Direct bet is simple, manageable and not too hard to work. Play it but always risk the odds. Avoid favorites and long shots (outside) too. Be selective – do not bet on anything or everything. When you know straight away, consider a bet to win and show, or each way, if the odds are relatively high.

If a horse is heavily supported only a few minutes before the start of the race and his odds are significantly deducted, bet on it. This is a strong indication that someone has reliable information about the horse that nobody else is aware of.

The horses who look for Lightweights Handicap races are the general form that shows that they can win regardless of the class of the competition in which they compete. Two or more works in the form published in newspapers are often indications of a possible small victory with little weight. The added bonus is that they usually start at a big price.

When selecting, always give a horse that started recently. A horse that has not competed for a few weeks may have suffered a number of accidents such as injury or illness. No matter how well his form was if it's not new, the chances are that the horse will not work.

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