Tennis Betting Tips – Why Tennis is the Way to Go

Sports betting can definitely be profitable. It is a sign of very successful servants out there. I hear assigned people who ask every day if you can make a live bet on sports. The truth is; that is. Actually, people now give big money, simply by betting on online sports.

What sports to bet?

One word: Tennis. Tennis is the only sport that players are struggling to control. They are always on top for example. football and football, but not when it comes to tennis. When you bet on tennis you only have two possible results. Simple math says you have 50% chance of winning (put a bet at random).

50%? It's not so good!

Exactly! Therefore, we will analyze previous games and combine the data with some tips on tennis – we have instantly increased our ability to work significantly.

Some Tennis Betting Tips

Before we figure out how accurate it is that we are analyzing matches, let's review some hints on tennis bet.

# 1. Do not just be surprised. Obviously, if anyone had the potential of 1.03 and another support for 6.0, the farmer believes it is more likely that Player A will work. They are probably correct. Nevertheless, to be a betting successful about these types of chances you are going to need a well-constructed system.

# 2. Tennis is very easy to detect because we only have two players who play against each other (it's double of course, but stay away from this unless you know what you're doing). When you are analyzing, try using an overview of your head. This gives you access to easy-to-access data.

# 3. Several tipsters claim that games in the female ward are more difficult to analyze. This is not true. You have access to the same data and it is equally easy to read.

# 4. Keep in mind that the amount of data plays a role. If player A has played two games and won 1, he is 50%. Although if someone else has played 100 games and won 40 of them, he would be 40%. It is more likely that player B will hold 40% of his axis but it is for player A to be on a 50% line. It could fall or rise, we do not know until he has played more games.

Analysis of tennis games

There are several ways to analyze tennis games. You can do it while you watch it, you can watch previous games played on a video, or you can view the numbers. Obviously, it would be the fastest way to analyze the statistics of two players, but you could also watch the games, it gives a little excitement.


Access to tennis statistics

This is very simple. Simply turn off Google and write player A vs player B + stats + tennis & # 39 ;. In rare cases, you will not be able to find a good page this way, has an overview of games played in the next few days. A simple head over to their side, click live level (or head to ). There you will see a summary of the matching, simply click on the contacts to see the summary of the head.

Let's review games played in the near future. Once written, we have gotten a match with Tomas Berdych VS Novak Djokovic. I simply shoot Google and search Tomas Berdych VS Novak Djokovic + Stats + Tennis & # 39; (or go to and do it manually "). This is a page with statistics about itself.

When they have written they have played 7 games against each other. Tomas Berdych has won 2 while Novak Djokovic has won 5.


Tomas Berdych

  • 19659022] Lost 2 singles
  • Singles ranking # 6

Novak Djokovic

  • Hope 5 fits head
  • Hope 8 people (and 2 doubles)
  • Lost 1 Double
  • Singles Ranking # 3

These are the "main" numbers we watch when we detected a tennis game. Clearly, the state's head is headquarters, followed by a single number. We can clearly see that Novak Djokovic has a statistically upper hand (obviously we can not be sure he will work, we can only figure it out with the numbers.

To take the analysis to another level, you can look on the one hand to see if Tomas did a couple of sets before Novak took the last and won the game. All that matters, be creative.

Sum it up

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when betting on sports there's never a 100% chance of winning (unless you're an athlete, more about it later). Analysis can only take us so far to give us a good hunch of who's going to win the game.

Source by Patrick Cameron

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