The Best Spread Betting Offer

If you are new to spreading a bet, you are very likely to defend the bet when you are working on your hard money. Although many companies do not compete to the extent of many other gambling companies, you can still find great free bet and cash back to get started.

The following are some of the best companies that offer free bets to help you get along:


Finspreads is the sister company City Index, which is one of the largest sales companies in the market. They provide a great platform for those who are new to the game because their interface is very user-friendly and their minimum rates are the lowest around. At the moment Finspreads is offering all customers a free business account worth £ 100 that should help you get started.

World Spreads

One of the best known betting businesses in the market, World Spreads is also one of the best-known bets. They will pay you up to £ 300 (if you do anything) that will ensure that if the market is against you, your money will be safe.


If you have used and like the Capital Spreads forum you will really like an Intertrader website because it's pretty much the same! Intertrader has a free bet of up to £ 1000 for new customers, but speeds up time.

Please keep in mind that whatever you sign up with, spread betting is a very high risk and you can lose more than your deposit. Use a suspension card to protect yourself from this – a tool worth more than its weight in gold!

Source by Marcus Holland

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