Tips for Holiday Travel with your pet

Most people travel for the holidays on vacation and usually take their family with them. There are some who just can not live without their pets too. If you plan to travel with a pet, you must plan in advance to make the trip fun and comfortable for you and the animal.

· Traveling by Car

If you are traveling for a vacation, make sure you do not drop the pet inside your vehicle. You can get your pet safety belt that can be connected to the system's safety belt. Or you can just put your pet in a cage. A pet carrier is also a good idea, but could be more expensive too. Always put your pet on the back seat.

· Traveling by Air

If you are flying to your destination, your pet car must comply with the flight rules. Check with your pet carrier to make sure you buy the right size. A pet can travel by air in the cabin if it is not more than 22 pounds in weight, 18 inches long and 11 inches tall.

For international travel, you need certain documents for your pet before you can take it with you. It would be best if you can give at least 6 week benefits to start taking care of the paper.

Do not travel with pets unless you have checked and vaccinated by a veterinarian. Always use your pet's health certificate along with a list of vaccinations.

· Pet food

Take a lot of pet food; You can never be sure that your pet pet's favorite brand is available at your destination, so it's better to be sure.

· Feeding Instructions

If you are flying, feed your pet with light snacks 5 to 6 hours before departure. Do not give the pet a liquid 2 hours before departure. If you are going to the car, do not try to feed your pet while you are moving.

· Leave an ID

Whether you are taking your pet for domestic or international travel, it is best that you can place the ID number of your pet. The identifier must contain your email address and phone number together with the address and phone number of your destination.

Before you start, it is also important to check if your pet is welcome to your destination. If you are visiting a relative, you need to let them know that you must bring your pet. If you stay at a hotel, check the rules and rules regarding pet accommodation.

Make sure your pet is ready to travel. Animals can be fidgety while the kids are on long trips. If your pet has never been anywhere else, you can start making it ready by taking him to the store, the garden or the shopping center.

Finally, try to be as patient as possible. You have to understand that you are not going to deal with your pet alone; You will also have to deal with someone else's response to your pet.

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