Best Power Leveling Tips to get your new character through the first 10 stages

As a new stick, you're starting out with almost nothing. No armor, no good weapon and no gold to buy what you need. Due to the difficulty in balancing a new character, it is very easy to lose interest in playing World of Warcraft. Do not let this happen. With some basic rules to follow you, you can get your character past the first 10 levels that can be most annoying.

Rule # 1

This sounds stupid but hears me out. Do not let your character die. Yes, you heard me right.

Just think of it, nothing good comes from dying (Yes I know it sounds rather stupid too, but keep reading). When you die the quality of the device becomes smaller, so you need to do your things more often. If you die many times, this can really be added. Also, take time to get back to your body to recover your content. And if you think it's hard to play World of Warcraft at a low level, try to play it without a weapon or armor.

Keep your distance away and do not be accused of retiring and healing yourself. If you have good long-lasting attacks try to use them more than melee attacks, so you can better monitor your health and stay as needed.

Rule # 2

If you are going to die, do not die in the middle of a battle (I know, I know it sounds stupid too, to keep reading). Let's face it as a new character you're dying here and there. Try not to die in an area that will be difficult to get back to, drive a middle battle. When you do not try to be the hero of battle, be sure to retreat and heal you when necessary.

Rule # 3

Do not go alone.

It's true that playing solo can speed your character faster than playing in a group, but there will be times where your challenges will be great and you should really have some help to cross them. Just remember that when you decide you should join a group, make sure you do not get too comfortable with group play. Emphasize your unique characters to play talent and politically out of the crowd when you think you will make a better solo. Different categories are better in adaptation than others, but in the early stages can be difficult for all classes.

Rule # 4

Make many quests.

In any area, a number of quests will be available. Grab all of them. Take all the searches you can and go out and complete. When you have many quests, they can overlap each other so that you basically work on one search while doing things that help you with other searches.

Rule # 5

Leave the junk.

In the early stages (3 maybe 4) you might want to take everything you can find back to the farm to sell it. It's fine, but do not keep doing it after you have the basics you need. If level 5 and still run back and forth to sell every little you find wasting your time.
Leave the trash behind and work on your searches.

I hope these simple rules will help you get a good kick to play World of Warcraft.

Source by Paul Burkhardt

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