CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA _______ These bets are all single bet. Sandown 12.5 – co …

These bets are all single bet. ⚫Sandown 12.5 – cool king. ⚫Sandown 1.25 – jukebox jive. ⚫Exeter 1.35 – Cesar Collonges.
⚫ Sandown 1.55 – darebin. ⚫Exeter 2.05 – calipto.
⚫Singgefield 2.20 – cape of glory. ⚫Sandown 2.30 – on the blind side. ⚫Sedgefield 2.55 – Satisfied.
⚫ Sandown 3.05 – beggars wishes. ⚫Exeter 3.15 – yanmare.
_______ 📲 Find a bet: Click on "Racing", scroll down, you will see the days of races including times. Click on the course and the right time and you will see runners for that competition.

As always, this is a gambling so obviously I can not guarantee winning a bet – I can only recommend the bet that I think will work. Never save money you're not happy to stop and play forever! Only 18+. 👍 like a comment about this email for notification when I send my NEXT TIP 👍

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