Claddagh Ring 101: Tips for giving and wearing

Claddagh calls dates all the way back to the 17th century and their meaning has not changed much since then. More than just a beautiful piece of celtic jewelry, it's not only meaning to wear Claddagh, it's a meaning to give one too. Continue reading about the importance of a popular circle and how to give and / or wear properly.

The most popular and widely accepted legend of how the first Claddagh ring had to be is a pretty romantic story where Richard Joyce and his true love. Richard Joyce was a sailor from Galway who was kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave to a killer goldsmith. While jail learned, Joyce learned how to make jewelry from the goldsmith and industrialized beautiful Celtic ring with a heart that was topped by a crown that was fastened by two hands.

After joining William III on the throne, all British prisoners were saved and Joyce was allowed to return to Galway. When he was united with his loved ones, he gave her what is now known as the Claddagh ring, so this dress was a claddagh sign of her stranger love for her. Most people now agree that the handles represent friendship; The heart represents love; and the crown represents loyalty.

The latter rings started serving as Celtic wedding bands clad on the left hand ring finger with the following saying: With my hands I give you my heart and crown with my love. The families of Irish families have delivered their Claddagh wedding rings as treasure heirlooms, and although each ring may vary in appearance, the design always covers the hands, heart and crown.

Although still used as wedding rings, the Claddagh ring can now be used as a sign of friendship or loyalty. The meaning of the circle depends generally on how it is carried. If you are single and ready to mix, you would wear your claddagh ring on your right circular finger with your heart. If you are in touch, you would wear it by turning to your heart and telling you that you are taken.

Whether gift between friends, boyfriend and boyfriend, or husband and wife, Claddagh meaning makes it a gift that will be truly appreciated by each recipient. Silver or Gold Claddagh ring is always a suitable gift for a loved one or a friend, but is especially important when given to a person who is somehow connected to Ireland, to his legacy and to people.

For a truly meaningful gift, consider giving a Claddagh ring to your friend or loved today!

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