College Football Parlay Betting – answers to frequently asked questions

University of football parlay is a major part of the NCAA football bet season. If you visit Vegas during football, especially on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you'll find scores of people preparing to make a football match, especially parlay bet.

The first time football bettor, parlay card can be a confusion suggestion. In this article I will answer some common questions.

What kind of bet will go on a parlay card?

You can add sides and totals to your college football. A side bet is when you choose one of two teams, such as the Georgia Bulldogs -8. Overall, when you bet below or above the total, which is a combined score scored by both teams.

How many bets do I add to a parlay card?

This is entirely up to you. The minimum number of games for the parlay card is two. Most bets 2-10, but there are larger parlay card options in most sports books.

What is the payout like?

Paid parlay cards depends on how much you catch and the number of items you choose.

The bet you add to the card, the higher you pay. Of course, you also add to the risk. A 2-point parlay is much easier to reach than the 10-point parlay.

What happens if I only win some of my bet?

University football parlay card is all or no suggestion. If one of the bets fails, all the parlay card is depleted in water.

And therefore, it is difficult to get bigger parlay cards.

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