Fitness Equipment Buying Tips

Fitness equipment is an important part of a weight plan for many. In summer, we always have the opportunity to get out and practice, but in winter we have to rely on a home or fitness center. I have been discussing a lot in the past so now I'm just assuming you're interested in making weight and cardio at home with your own fitness equipment.

Cardio Equipment

I thought I'd start with Cardio equipment, which is the most common device that someone thinks twice before trying. The first piece of fitness equipment I bought a year ago was a ladder machine, actually it was a stepper. When my late 80's daddy started, it's exactly what I got and to be Frank's perfect sucking. A good ladder machine should be smooth to use and this stepper was not very good, it was clumsy and uncomfortable. After a few weeks the stepper went to the wardrobe and just got dust.

About five years my wife and I bought a good ladder machine and treadmill as the first piece of fitness equipment! We found a great place that sold new and used talented equipment and we bought the first two pieces of one year of cardiovascular equipment for about 1600 dollars! (I know that's a lot for people) and then every year in the next two years, we trade in one and bought other fitness equipment that we lose about 100 dollars a year on the equipment this way. We now have a good 3 year stationary bike and a good three-year oval coach. For us, this has been the best way to buy talented equipment that we really want to use. No matter what your budget is, it's very fun to have a dragon belt talent in the house that changes every year.

Weight Equipment

Weight and weight equipment is quite easy to buy. You need the following:

Weight Belt




My weightbelt slopes so I can plan it to do my flatbreaking exercises and then I can turn my back up to make a sloping bench press and lean flies. My leg is fairly stable, which is important because the weight of exercises is strong enough so that you do not want to worry about your fitness equipment when you use it.

How I've done this is that I have two short bars with threaded ends to put the weight on and an old barbell with a sliding screwdriver (generally the ones you see everywhere). I bought plots that I could add at any time to various plumbing or barbells, and in addition, I have some rubber plots of 15, 20, 25 and 30 pounds. With these rubber sockets, I have the most of the joint weight I need so I do not have to constantly install the pole.

Okay, the purchase weight is where you can really save money on fitness equipment. Look for local purchases and sell or buy a search engine or newspaper, and also try car rental. Remember the last thing people want to move when the movement is a weight they never use. New lands cost almost a pound of dollars, so never buy new weight, but buy them instead.

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