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Value creation is comprehensive. It applies to both life and business. And that should apply to betting too. Many punters do not appreciate the importance of the award. This is the most important but also the most misunderstood concept in the football match. Value is the real key to making profits in the long run.


Simply value is found when you can get an item for less than what really is worth it. The following picture clearly shows this.

You are an amateur enthusiast and you are visiting the antique store. You notice old old vases offered for $ 100. You know you could resell your pocket for at least $ 120. This means that it's VALUE to buy the pocket. The key here is THESE the vase is actually worth $ 120.

If you buy the pocket with a view to selling it but WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE how much you could sell Pocket for, then this is not a wise purchase and it is not worthwhile.

The same applies to football matches. In sports, the true value of the results of the match is described with the probability of a conclusion. If you can get a price that is higher than the one you are likely to, then you've found value.

Thus, the price (or odds) that the publishers offer the probability that this outcome will happen. Now, how do we determine if the probability is valid?

Price (or ODDS)

Fair price (or odds) are set if the result is considered to be 50/50.

Let's take an example of turning a coin. As there are two sides of the coin, the probability of head and tail is 50% each. The formula for calculating the probability of 50/50 conditions is 100/50 = 2. Therefore, the probability of 2 is called FAIR ODDS.

So if we are betting on coin-throws, when the price is available is less than 2, then it has no value because we will definitely lose. However, if the price is higher than 2, say 2.10, it means that the probability of winning is 5% higher (2.10 / 2.00). This is a value.


Before we know how to find value, we first need to understand how to calculate probability and value.

Probability Account

] The formula is:

Truth = 1 / 0dds

So if an event is offered at 2.50 then the probability of

1 / 2.5 = 40 % chance of happening BOOKMAKER .

If you estimate the "true" opportunity is greater than 40%, you have found value.

Value Calculation

The formula is:

Odds x Ratio / 100> 1.0 (The image must be higher than 1.0 to be valid)

In the example here above, if you estimate that the ratio is 50%, then the value of calculation will be:

2.50 x 50/100 = 1.25 (This is a value where the image is greater than 1.0).


The keys for estimating pixels are:

* How accurate can you rate winn percent of results.

* To get the best chance of that event.

Calculating attractive opportunities is not easy. Finding value is 100% subjective. One can count the probability of 1.20 is value but another can disagree. Some punters believe that against 1.20, the event should have a chance of at least 83% because they have to win five out of six such 1.20 events that are profitable.

Thus, the value of the probability is very individualized. Sometimes the probability represents 1.50 values. Sometimes even 15.00 is not worth shooting.

After researching the standard selection criteria, you must score your bet. Then create your own rating on a home, tie, or Away win. No trend is set in stone. You must test various methods and over time you will realize how certain factors will affect the outcome of more than others.

Time, experience and practice are essential in your "perfect" strategies.


If one of the value of your mortgage loses, it does not mean that the bet has no value. A punter must learn to accept that all bets can not be won. An important factor is finding values ​​in the selection. Of course, the more the number of prices, the greater the profits you can achieve.

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