Golden Rules of Horse Racing Betting

Forget old women, world-class wisdom and advice cabbies, says Tony Paley. If you really want to study horses, you should dig these 37 commandments on stone tablets and carry them wherever you go. Not literally, of course – that would be ineffective.

rules. Mavericks and misfits might not like to admit it, but it's especially true in gambling that certain guidelines are a great help in formulating a strategy to beat bookies.

There is no ditch to make money to support horses. The bookmakers work full time to get money from punters, so supporters should not expect to have to do anything else.

Victor Chandler, for example, has not only a formologist but a speed limit, a growing expert and

Punters need to take their bet as seriously, but if they take the following 37 commandments they will give a much better opportunity to get in front and stay there


The first question you want to ask when you bet is: "How will this run run?" And the second: "Will it fit the horse I'm interested in supporting?"

Rule 2

Watch as many horseback riding as possible.


Look at each horse in the race, not just the one you have supported. 19659002] Rule 4

Focused almost without the exception of a better breed of animals in higher races.


As time will allow.


When you find a horse to boil & # 39; and running in shape, back to the final grade, keep it.


Go and the drawing are two important parameters to determine the outcome of each race.


If you have doubles, take the bias, price, or other important variable, wait until the last minute until bet

Rule 9 [19659002] Keep your pocket up when the ground is publicly heavy.


The effects of weight are greatly overestimated. In most cases, horses will not turn to the shape, no matter how well they are based on the weight.


Only forgive a horse that is unlucky running once.


Follow horses who travel well in races and / or have shown a footstep in a truly running race.

] RULES 13

Own the memory rule.


Never return a horse in major disability for the first time unless trained by Sir Mark Prescott.


Look back and look back at the big races state story, but use them with understanding. Buffoons on television tell us that no horse over tie 9 can win the magnet cup should remember that this is only true when the ground is not on the soft side of good. That's a fact.

Rule 16

Be wary of each bet. In the long run, you are almost certainly working to win more with all the pennies at £ 50 and £ 25 each way. And whatever you feel, if you're dithering to dabbling every way because you're not sure if your horse will work, why are you betting?

Rule 17

It is the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot, Derby, Grand National. You do not have to bet.

Rule 18

Focus on specialized courses like Brighton or Goodwood on horses that have demonstrated the ability to perform on the law or have so much in their hand

] RÁL 19

Courses until you can not explore them anymore. Taking into account the fact that Ascot's short curvature is required in a horse different from Galloping Terrains in York or Newbury.


Seven furlongs are experts away.


Cut out and hold the records for large races. They are filled with indications of what instructors expect and, even more, know about the horses at their expense.


Similarly, read and hold all continuous interviews with supervisors. They will often give information about leaving and removing wishes for their horses.

Rule 24

Do not pay for the odds of pointers. There is enough information about quality around the cost of a newspaper. Sprintline column Graham Wheldon (Racing & Football Outlook), Andrew Barr's Mark Your Card Feature (Racing Post Weekender), The Watcher's Insider is on the Horse Sense column on Saturdays and Malcolm Heyhoe's ( web service. highly recommended. [19659002] RULES 25

A number of racial events are intended to continue to grow at a terrible rate. Have an area that you can specialize in, whether it's a group of races, sprints or central distances.


Think like a bookmaker. Create your own betting forecast, but above all, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you would really offer this chance if you were a team.


The following books are necessary for the library of all serious pointers: Nick Mordin, Betting for Living; Alan Potts, against the group; Mark Coton, Value Betting. The best volume to start with is the Final Guide to the Racing Post to bet on horses.


Open accounts with as many players as you can to take advantage of the best available prices.


Access online and use the free Racing Post form at The race is placed on a line line, which is much easier to use and much more useful than the form in the magazine version.


Subscribe to the formbook. The official Raceform version, Perspectives Timeform and Superform are all more than adequate.


Assemble the bank you are happy with and draw up a plan that fits your way of knowing.

] Rule 32

If you are on the track, do not drink before the race, watch the horses down at the beginning. You have to study terribly about what kinds of horses are suited to different types of ground and what plus and minus points to look for a horse just before running.

Rule 33

Do not believe any recent news about ignoring the effects of the drawings. Stability is often important for the outcome of a race, especially in big clothes. This is even true in long-distance phones like Tote Ebor in York, Cesarewitch in Newmarket and Ascot Stakes at Royal Ascot. You will find Graham Wheldon's detailed analysis of drawings in the play (see 27th commandment) or the front of the official formbook.

RÁL 34

Big-name jockeys always win big races. Be wary of fans of the race in main races with less known or inexperienced buttons on board.


Have your biggest bet over a period, usually between June and September, when the earth is fairly stable.


Recently, never the psychology and feelings involved in gambling. If your moods are ultra, you'll find it hard to survive the inevitable losing runs.


Go to paddock. Learn different body types and good and bad characteristics shown by horses before the race.

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