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The following systems are the perfect example of keeping things simple and still adding a new money making system to the bet.

System 1

If we take coach Marcus Tregoning (2006 Derby working coach) and focus on each horse he sends to ash since 2003 we are after –

65 runners, of which 27 won and 20 for Additionally, 47 out of 65 runners ran into £ 31 pound at 1 pound

System 2

If we look at one horse like Jeninsky, the horse has slipped 14 times. Winning 3 of these races , but we only use 2 very simple rules –

When we drove over 7f only and when only running in July, August and September we now have these results

4 runs of the 2 he won, and the other two races were created

We now have 4 races when Jeninsky has exceeded 7f in the respective months and has not only won 2 out of 4 of these races (at prices 33-1 and 8-1) another 2 runs he struck 2. at 9-1 and 11-1 for 100% strike, in case of support for each route.

System 3

Looking back at a racing coach, if we look at PD Evans and concentrate on their races that are racing in unlucky races & # 39; who's also your favorite & # 39; In the stock market and prices 5-2 or shorter we are left with these numbers.

From 136 bets over 50% have won 69/136 is quite impressive and backed to 1-level turnover would yield 36 points!

These are just three simple examples of how to investigate and find simple ways to do better.

Source by Pete Sampson

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