Horse supply system

I love to research horse systems, both support systems and legal systems. I can spend hours losing looking for angles and trying to find some jewels that I can personalize, since I was in 2006, I now have 26 systems for the horses.

An example of one of these systems looks like this.

Take the horse tour George Baker and if you have to put 1 pound win every horse, he has sent to a raceway where he began to practice (and that & 619 runners !) You could be massive 222pounds and 36pence down, though we dive deeper and focus only their horses priced between evens and 7-2 and are running within 10 days of the last race trip. We get 25 choices, where 12 tried to win back to equal 1 pound win of £ 13 and 66 pence and nearly 50% strike – good!

Trainers are a great way to find a horseback riding system, but they are just the beginning of which you can also see unique horses, many who can run in patterns, for example, has a flat horse called Le Torador run 23 times on turf to win 5 times. However, if we look better on his profile, we can see that when the horse expires in June and July and within 30 days of last race, he has run 7 times to win 5 and back for a 1 pound win item you have made 17 pounds and 25pence.

Former example of Le Toreador took about 7-8 minutes for research and coming in June and July I'm sure these minutes will be more than a payday. I have hundreds of horses with flat horses and I take the horse Zidane as another example but today he has run 32 times a £ 7 punch win on £ 1 punches, not bad, but if we focus on zidane running over 6 rounds Only from April to August ridden by former champion Jamie Spencer, we now have 10 runs with 4 wins and 15 pounds win in a £ 1 win bet – cool!

As I have said when you search for horse racing systems, the combination of certain factors with other factors is endless and we have seen a system based on the coach and the competitions themselves, different classes can also be angles, for example, all hunters are in Hereford Wetherby and Wincanton focus on favorites only price 6/4 or shorter – a total of 32 horses have run according to the criteria that 21 have won! and in spite of the short odds that contribute to any choice of a £ 1 win bet you would be 8 pounds up.

I just finish the surface there are thousands of ways to research and create your own horseback riding system and it can be fun and profitable at the same time.

Source by Pete Sampson

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