How To Be Lady Killer – 10 Surefire Tips For Every Kid On How To Be Lady Killer

If you are a boy in need of a serious relationship or one who just wants a date, there are some basic principles that you must follow to be a dashing lady killer. This article will show you ten indicators of security that you need to know to be a doll.

1: LOOK GOOD: Obviously, even before you've said that, you should definitely know that you need to look good for attracting a woman to you! You need to get yourself good clothes and shoes. Ladies love guys who have good shoes and clothes on. They do not have to be expensive. Get clothes that make you look good, present and attractive.

2: HAVE HAIR AND REGISTRATION: No lady wants a guy who looks bad. You shall never leave your hair or beard. If you do this, are you jettisoning the likelihood that you are a woman for yourself! Get your hair well covered, cleanly traced or well-groomed, and not outstanding. Good luck and you will attract beautiful ladies!

3: Get a job: I'm not saying you have to get work in a multinational country before you can be a doll. But no woman wants a jobless job or it becomes a responsibility. If you do not have a job, how will you take care of her? Just get a job that pays you and go for the woman you want!

4: CHANGING YOU TO YOU: Ladies like guys who know how in society and the world as a whole. Update your knowledge of current issues; look at the news regularly, read newspapers and newspapers regularly. You need to show your wife that you are very familiar with events about your community and the world as a whole! Ladies like men who posses this quality.

5: Pull out your bad drinking habits: Why on earth should you spend five nights in a bar? You will never get a woman of your choice this way. Ok, you have to drink to get your body going, but will it have to be regular and will it be at the bar ever? If you are used to drinking your heart out with your people, it's time to get rid of or reduce your habit!

6: Do not be an athletic athlete: Nobody says you should not love football, basketball, golf, tennis or whatever you love but it should not take all the time to cry out loud! Do you need to tattoo your favorite name of your arm, chest or back because you are a fan? Reduce the addictive levels of loving sports and get this lady of your choice!

7: Optimize Your Behavior: Behavior and Behavior are the characteristics of ladies' notice in guys. When you get into the car, open the door for her and allow it at first, like this, make women fall for the guys easily. Treat this lady with respect and gentle words. Be sure how fashion trends, jewelries, flowers and how to eat at the top restaurant. Do not do anything, talk a little and let her talk as well. Ladies like expressing their feelings, let her do it too!

8: Listen and talk less: Never change your date to a single person show. You do not have to speak as previously mentioned. You must eat it soon and may bring your potential. Talk a little, let her talk and listen to what she has to say. Remember what she said that her favorite color is her favorite art and stuff like this. Women like guys who remember the stuff about them!

9: Stop smoking now !!!

10: Do you like your steps: Okay, I suppose you do not know how to dance, but just roll to the beat. Women love to dance and if you let her dance in one, you're like no creature for her. Dancing with women is like food in the body. It allows you to get closer to it, it's a romantic way to show your love and talk more than you can ever say.

Source by Abiodun Animashaun

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