NFL Parlay – Quick Guide to Understanding This NFL Betting Process

One of the most popular football matches in the sports book is NFL parlay. For many years, I watched television commercials for Las Vegas sportsbooks showing lines and lines of athletes committed to making this a fun bet.

Here is the result. NFL parlay bet are not the best bet in the house (bets are) but they are fun and I would not dream of going for one week of NFL bet without putting in at least one parlay bet. When they hit it's a blast.

Your Parlay card can have 2-20 games on it (depending on the sports book). And it can be a combination of sides and conversations. Take a look at this example NFL parlay map:

Seahawks + 3
Vikings / Giants ov 45
Patriots – 7

What you see above is a three-part parlay. In other words, I bet that all three of these bets will work, that's all or nothing. The more bet you put on a parlay card, the higher it pays. Of course, when you add a football bet, you get the ticket more difficult.

Parlay cards payouts vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but they are all pretty close. For example, a typical three-point NFL Parlay is likely to pay 6-1. So in the example above, if you bet $ 10 and click on all three bets, you win $ 60. Add more bets and you will see payouts of 150-1, 300-1 and higher.

For my money, the three-point parlay is the best overall value. The 6-1 payout is good and it's pretty much based on the actual chances of winning compared to bigger cards. Nevertheless, there is nothing sweeter than throwing 10-point parlay.

If you have never put NFL parlay bet, do your task in life trying to get this NFL era. I have encountered many parlay bets. Is there a secret to winning more NFL bet? Is there anything you can do to win more football? Yes it is.

Source by Barry Goldstein

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