Some tips on how to get traffic to your website or blog

I've always been asking myself how to drive traffic to my blog and website because every day I only keep traffic the last day until I discovered these tips and tricks on how to drive traffic to the blog or your site.

1.) Putting your blog

What is the blog that pings all the way? The answer is that it is a service that helps me tell you about all the search engines that your site has been updated so now I think you might understand what I'm trying to say and as it stands now we have a lot of pinging to pings your site to search engines so get your site click now!

2.) Updating Your Blog / Site As Long As You Can

Another way to create traffics on your site / blog too is by submitting new articles as often as maintaining a keyword, because it will Help your site a lot when you send frequently and click frequently.

3.) With comments

You can also increase your blog / website traffic with comments and I think this is also one of the easiest ways I think is more desirable for me and thank you for not only serving comments on the posts of the people but you have to read the article and post useful and useful comments and always remember to let a link on your site appear as a signature before you leave the page i know it will help you a lot because i have tried it and It works for me so you try it and take care of yourself.

4.) Sending Your Website

Another of generating traffic for your site by submitting your website or blog to top and ranked search engine directories, you can find on search engines like .

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