The Stink Bug Smell – Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of It

When you get a taste bug you can have the opportunity to understand why they are called "bad bugs." I'm sure most of us have experienced this unpleasant smell when we touch or kill one of these insects. When I was a kid, I got this experience that made my mom laugh at me and my child.

Here's what you need to know about the respiratory smell:

1. The insects give off, a protective response to predators that make them go away and do not touch bugs.

2. It comes from special glands that are located on the chest of the tortuous.

3. The glands are producing toxins containing toxins in the event of imminent danger. Liquid itself is not poisonous but has a completely disgusting "aroma".

4. The liquid contains aldehydes such as CH3 (CH2) 2 -CH = CH-CHO. This is where the horrid smell comes from.

5. If you do not touch or break the insects, you will not perceive the smell even though you have a lot of them in a closed room (like your house), your senses will be tested.

6. If a shield gets lost on your hand and leaves the smell, do the following to get rid of it:
• Try to replace the smell with a stronger – usually wash dirty dishes helping to blend the smell of food and the soap dish seems to do the job
• If your hands smell like food then clean them again with a laundry
• Consider using alcoholic beverages
• A good shower as soon as possible after the "attack" can also help. Give more attention and rub your appetite
• You can use any acid containing fruit or vegetables to rub the place: tomatoes, lemons, lime, etc.

7. If you have an infestation at home and it seems that the smell is everywhere:
• Keep in mind that if you leave the smell and the defects you will get bad results
• The stench can be 4-8 months and if you still have insects in the house, they will make sure it is "refreshing"
• the "smell" relates to other defects within

8. What to do to clean your house:
• Find the fountain and kill and remove all that you see: adult species, "children" and eggs.
• Begin to treat the place where you found most insects. Clean it with strong chemicals containing bleach or use an acid containing liquids such as vinegar.
• If the smell is over the house it is a little harder. You need to treat the walls and the lamps with vinegar. I say lamps because at night when the light is on, they usually become on them.
• Of course, you also have a different choice. Dissolve completely of pests completely and let the smell go until it goes away by itself. Keep in mind, however, that you have to seal all the cracks in your house and buy a protective net for your windows so as to prevent others from entering.

As a result, I can say that it's hard to fight with this new home pestilence. First, you need to remove the insects and then decide what to do with the smell. Do not get discouraged, however, because I've managed to do that which means you can definitely succeed too.

Source by Mike Martins

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