Tips for organizing your frozen bouquet or ice cream shop

Do you love a frozen bouquet? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own ice cream shop?

It's not enough to love the sweetsome flavor of these entertainments. It's not enough. There are three things you need to consider so that you can experience a good taste of success. organized and what you are offering. If you start with these three things and contact ice cream consultants in Chicago's Kool Technologies, you'll soon be able to experience a good taste of success!

Geographical Location:

Choosing a great place for your store is probably the most important part of the planning process and will shape all the decisions that follow.

Where will the store be located? Will it be by busy road or in the neighborhood?

What is the general knowledge of frozen liquids in your area?

These two numbers will play a major role when you proceed with choosing the type of frozen machines, recipes and of course pricing. In addition, it will play a role in how much and what type of marketing you need to make the store well.

Store Layout:

Will your new icestore go up, go through, eat or new concept? Kool Technologies along with mentors at the Frozen Desert Institute can help you decide what works best for your geographical location. Examples of floor plans are also available.

Menu and product concepts:

Traditional stores serve three flavors of frozen vanilla: Vanilla, chocolate and flavor of the day.

The possible freezer machine size and number of barrels depends on the menu, the traffic volume and, of course, the budget. Manufacturers such as Stoelting have a variety of machines available in a variety of sizes, ranging from simple, continuous three-dose refrigerators, such as CC-303, which is perfect for large stores that need to produce the maximum freeze possible.

Freezing Equipment:

Kool Technologies recommends purchasing a Ross / Stoelting Continuous Flow Freezer, like the CC-303 triangular flow of the freezing device because It is able to simultaneously make 3 different flavors of frozen bottle at the same time, or two flavors of bouquet and one barrel can be used in Italian ice cream. Or For Smaller, CF-101 Counter Top Continuous Flow Freezer . The CF-101 chair is perfect for restaurants that may be looking to add frozen fillets to their existing line for the first time.

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