Tips in long term goals and how to achieve your goals

Long-term goal setting is at least done by most. This is because it takes time to implement long-term goals. Usually it takes a year. And because most people tend to be impatient, they just turn to setting short-term goals where results can come quickly if not immediately, sometimes.

Many people do not really understand the update and the achievements from long-term goals. Because it takes more time, more effort, more sacrifices, it only means that it is more enjoyable considering short-term goals.

So, to help you get into long term goal settings, following these tips.

1. Set goals on five key areas of your life.

Such areas are: family, health, career counseling or finance, community and spiritual issues. Since it was not possible to set many goals in all areas, set at least one long-term goal for each. When you do, build each goal on your priorities and values. For example, when setting long-term goals under a family, think about the most important aspects of the family that need improvement. Think about what you consider very important in terms of family. If you think the family's quality is what you want most and what you appreciate most, set goals like "go for a family holiday abroad." In society, if you think you have more interaction with neighbors or to participate in society, what you lack most, set goals like "building men's or women's culture and collecting funds to help children who are victims of cancer on local community. "Make sure your long-term goals are specific and accessible.

2. Break your goals into smaller sections.

This is very important. If you do not spend your goals, you're aiming to eat an elephant with only one piece, which is obviously impossible. Your goal of "building men's or women's culture and raising funds to help children who are cancer victims in my society" is big. You have to break it down. You may be able to divide five or more things like "Getting acquainted with neighbors", "Get in touch and work with local government officials," "Invite people and women who may be interested in funding cancer victims," ​​and "Start an Online Campaign to fund victims of cancer. " Your larger goals can be more detailed if you change them to smaller ones.

3. Create an action plan for the goals you have broken down into smaller sections.

Think and write down certain things you need to do to "get acquainted with neighbors." You can set up things like "offering my closest neighbors for dinner on Friday" and "socializing on Saturday morning." Make sure they are specific and you specify the date or time. The smaller goals you have can still be broken down into small operations.

4. Do not forget to set a deadline for your goal.

In particular, in long-term goals, deadlines and other dates are very important. Since they will take a moment to complete, you need to set a realistic date that you will be able to complete each goal. You also do this so you will not forget.

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