What they do not tell you about free dog training tips

Enter "Free Dog Training Tips" in any search engine (Google) and you'll get over 33 million pages left. Now there are 33 million pages of information. Some of it will be well researched and useful, and some of it will be done debris. You are looking for information to help you with a particular dog problem, and you are now overwhelmed with all this data. What pages should you read and what should you waste?

The problem with Free Advice is that it promises to be the worth you pay for it. Nothing!

You're probably saying to yourself, "Laura, what are you talking about? Do not you suggest I look for free dog training tips? You have to invest in TIME.

It's right – TIME. You can read as many dog ​​training books, watch as many dog ​​training videos or join as many online forums as you like, but if you do not get your butt and take action, nothing will happen – your dog can not read!

Oddly enough, most people will spend hundreds of hours poring books borrowed from a library or printed from the Internet, they will read them from cover to look for one secret that will mysteriously turn their bribe into a mature dog. they do not really want to spend time with the dog to make it happen. It's now so

(Translated from Yorkshire, it means that I'm strange)

I tell you. It will not happen unless you spend less time reading and more time actually doing what you have read about.

So why are people struggling so much with something that's not all that hard?

This is because life today is more powerful than anytime before and TIME is in premium. People are working harder and longer. Jobs can be hard to find and harder to keep. Add social pressure from family and friends, and is it surprising that there is no time left for the poor old Buster?

So, it's less time you spend with your dog now, when it's young and happy to learn, the more you'll spend longer. If you take time when your puppy is young (puppy classes, get a training course as he gets older) and learn the basics (sit, stay, remember, go down and go) then continuing training should take you no more than 5 minutes a day , which you can easily do while walking your dog.

The later you allow you to train your dog, the bad habits you will need to learn before you can even try to teach him something new.

So remember, it's less when it comes to dog training, but only if you start early. Dog does not train – you do – so spend time now. It will be worth every time you put in and your dog will appreciate you!

Source by Laura Kemp

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