10 tips to send an email

This week I was working with another coach in a presentation by phone. She wanted to see a description I had written about my presentation so I sent it to her by email or I thought so. When she did not, I checked my mail. Whoop! I clicked the wrong person in my Outlook Address Book. Same first name than second last name! How embarrassing!

Here are some tips for writing emails. If you regularly send back or email customers, remember that your email may be invalid, so be careful!

1. Create carefully. Think about what you want to say before you click on a message. Some rush over and over again. Others in their hurry are not clear. Ask yourself: Will the reader understand this?

2. Be aware of the tone. Consider the tone of the email. Could anyone misinterpret it? Never write an email when you are angry. Wait until you write down before you write it. If you are not sure, let someone else look at your answer.

3. Proof read. Make sure you have written what you should say. Any words that are incorrectly or incorrect punctuation marks may change your meaning. Read the book Eat, Shoot and Leaves for more on this topic.

4. Keep it alright. Do not send private information by email. Most people know that you should not send credit card information by email, but one manager friend submitted his opinion on his job by email and it was not free! Remember that email can be forwarded. Do not say anything you do not want the world to know!

5. Mail Company. Read your email and expect your boss to read it. The email is not confidential and in a common environment, the company has the right to read it. Use Yahoo or Hotmail for personal email.

6. Stop shouting. Do not write in all capital letters. It's supposed to shout on the Internet.

7. Check "To:" before clicking on the shipment. It's so easy to enter the wrong address or click "answer all" when you need to type "answer". Avoid embargo.

8. BCC not CC. If you send an email to a group, keep the group's private addresses private by using BCC. Do not accidentally send someone else's email. Some people want to keep their email addresses private because there is so much spam today and they also do not want to be open to viruses. Honoring their wishes to send them a copy that is BCC. This allows you to send a list without showing everyone in the list. They only see their own email address.

9. Fonts, colors, bold and italics. Do not use unusual fonts, color, bold or italics. This does not always mean the same way in different email systems and may appear as a coding for some people.

10. No content. Be sure to add content to your email. Everyone today gets so much emails. If you want to make sure your reading is complete, contain compelling content so that the reader opens your mail.

Source by Alvah Parker

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