How To Give It The Most Intense Orgasms Of Life (7 Types of Orgasms and 7 Hot Sex Tips)

Women love to be quietly tantalized, and drive slowly, past the brink to a shuddering result! You can do it with 7 different orgasms and with 7 different tips. How can you lose these shown methods?

This is a blast! Use extreme caution – because you need a place where she can scream, convulse and go nuts!

1. Technology.

You want to start at the top, head and head south. Give her a touch of orgasm by stimulating the brain. You can do this by describing in detail their suggestions, how you will give her orgasm.

Be sure to start with hot fantasy or sex as she likes. Make it tailored to her. If you get involved, it will be very hot. This can be very, very big and big satisfaction.

2. Technology.

Now, go down on your breast and give her a chest orgasm. You can do it by teasing it at first on her nipples. Then slowly improve more and more suction pressure. The more of her chest you can put in your mouth, the better it will be.

Ask her for feedback. You do not want to hurt her but you want to use the maximum suction pressure.

3. Technology.

Shut down, you take a clitor in your mouth and can suck it. Then you lick the end and pull it down. Then withdraw, and let it go. Retreat and tease her. Let her come to you. Allow her to bend her leg bone from the ground and cover her clitoris by mouth or hand.

4. Technology.

Now, go to the g-spot and slide your finger or tongue on it. It will turn on and start rising if you have used other methods for this period. Of course, at any time you can give tons of combinations. There are 7 to 7 power or 800,000 combinations.

Use motion so that you click her g-spot well. Use a constant rhythm until it begins to shake.

5. Technology.

Inside, 8 inches inside, is her deep vagina. You can reach it with the penis, deep vagina from previous orgasm or with a hot ejaculation. She can spread your ring, sit back and you can achieve all her muscles with every stroke.

6. Technology.

Women's Unemployment. Women wanted to try this satisfying feeling. Normally, stimulate the g-spot will result from this. It requires deep, intense and long pressure.

7. Technology.

When you give her a great g-blend orgasm, you can set it up for delayed or left-handed orgasm. It may happen 1-2 days after sexual stimulation. Then she could be driving or cooking dinner and start to convulse and have a good orgasm.

Once you know these 7 types of female orgasms, you can put them together in combinations. You can not use any combination if you tried it several times a night for the rest of your life.

Source by Rachel LaDue

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