How to give your wife no touch orgasm (3 tried techniques!)

Women can have NO-TOUCH orgasm! They can experience this by having you talk to them (without touch) by lubricating them, chat them or even phones! Once you've learned technology, you can use it with any type of medium. Learn this tested method today!

This is an exciting technique and concept. You can use part or all of this technology in so many ways!

1. Tip. Make her happy.

Too many, even women, start too far, too fast. It's time to be rough and use bright language and time to wait. Start with a little momentum and make her feel comfortable.

When she knows you respect her. Nobody wants to totally think about gender. The woman could tell you she does not want sex sex, but love it when you do it right.

The goal is to start slowly.

2. Tip. Get her hot!

Begin now in the mouth (actually the head) and keep south. Ask her about the most imperfect imagination or sex player she wants to try. The more you can get her to talk, the more you will turn it on.

If she asks what you want to do with her, you really describe a romantic scene. Give her information and put the area with smell, emotion, taste and texture.

Explain in detail how her mouth would taste and how you will enjoy her French kiss. Then ask her whether she will turn or – or the argument.

3. Tip. Get her crazy!

Start with a detailed description of what you have done with your breasts. Tell her that you will tease your breasts for a long time. Ask if her breast has swollen and ask her if her nipples are hard.

Tell her you want to breastfeed her. You have the cup, her gut nipples, suck them and put as much of the breast in your mouth as you can. Described how you take your breasts so fast and hard.

Tell her now how to kiss her inner thigh and war the club with her tongue. Tell her how to bend her back and catch her tongue and finger. Explain how you should drive the tongue inside it and reach the g-spot. Tell her how hard she shakes.

Give her as much detail as you can, including feelings. You should have a good time and new experience!

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