How to Start a Sports Betting

Sports betting is gaining popularity on the internet. There are many good sports books that have been online for many years and offer bets on various sports and games all year round. These are some of the steps you should take to begin your online sports betting.

1) Make sure Google searches the most reputable sports books and make sure that there are no complaints from customers. There are several websites that evaluate sports books based on customer feedback, how fast they pay and how quickly they resolve issues.

2) Check the hours of service at the sports book. The best are 24 hours a day and respond quickly to any question you have. Make a test by sending a question to customer service and check how fast they respond. If you have trouble with your account, then the last thing you want to wait all day to answer.

3) Make sure that the sports book is fully authorized and controlled under the jurisdiction in which it operates.

4) Complete the application form honestly and with detailed personal information.

5) Find out what the minimum deposit of the sports book is, although some do not require a minimum.

6) Send all necessary IDs as each sports book will require some kind of personal documentation and verification.

7) If you are an American citizen, make sure that the sports books treat US customers, as some do not.

These are the basic steps to begin and the entire process should not take more than a few days.

Source by Mark Arbela

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