Interview with bilingual CEO Ben Reichel

DD: When Was Two Way Created And What Does Your Business?

BR: Two Way was founded in 1991 and listed on the stock exchange in 2004. We develop advanced interactive media and gambling. These include the Sky Racing Active, interactive television channel now offered by Tabcorp to Foxtel subscribers. We also work with the Way2Bet website, which offers various information (including the odds of probability) to help punters better. And we operate interactive television services on Foxtel, East and Sky New Zealand.

DD: Your Sky Channel and Tabcorp Interactive Beta Service was launched in April this year. How does it work and are you happy with early interest in punters?

BR: Our service is available for Foxtel and Optus TV subscribers in Victoria and NSW. Subscribers start the service by pressing the red button on the Foxtel distance. The service provides detailed information on all thoroughbred, hair and grayhound race meetings that Tabcorp is conducting wagering every day. The information provided includes operating conditions, precise forms, scratch, align dividends, results and final dividends. All of this information is updated automatically in real time.

In addition to accessing the above information, Victoria subscribers can access their TAB wagering accounts and put all types of bets (including exotics). At this stage, a bet is not yet available in NSW.

We are very pleased with the early feedback from the punters. Responses to the service have been equally positive. The service is fast and responsive and very easy and intuitive for use. All transactions are encrypted, secure and secure.

DD: How much potential do you see for this remote control?, Considering that people can already get home at home using the Internet, mobile phones, and landlines?

BR: For punters, the service offers new comfort. If the punters are watching the Sky Racing channel, they have the Foxtel remote control in their hand, so why not use it to get relevant information and, if they want, put a bet? To date, the number of weather and turnover through the service has exceeded our expectations.

DD: What do you say to critics like advocate Bruce Billson, who has cited gambling because he wants your interactive gambling to be banned?

BR: Our service covers all necessary and appropriate consumer protection. Betting through the service is only available to the TAB account holder, which must meet the qualification requirements. Additionally, subscribers can use a PIN to block access to the Sky Racing channel. This is in addition to the 4 digit PIN required to access a TAB account. The service also includes extensive gambling guarantees on the screen. Accordingly, our service offers a wider range of consumer protection than existing internet and phone service.

In all cases, gambling problems in Australia are usually associated with poker machines, not expectation services like ours. With wagering is a factor of skill and it is possible to make money as a punter in the long run. That's not the case with pokies.

DD: Now your bet agrees with Foxtel and Tabcorp. Will you be able to set up similar contracts in the future with terminals to bet on broadcasts?

BR: Our device is easy to extend to practice sports betting. At the moment, however, do not have the necessary technical platform to offer interactive services like ours. It can change in the future, with new equipment like the TiVo set-top box. In the near future, however, only wage companies can offer services like ours.

DD: How quickly do mobile phones become a popular betting tool?

BR: Those already already, of course! An obvious advantage of mobile phones is that they can be used to put bets anywhere. However, if the punter is at home or anywhere where Foxtel service is available, our service is much faster and easier to use.

DD: Bets & # 39; in the run & # 39; is extremely popular abroad, with punters able to bet at horseback riding or sporting events. In Australia, we are only tied to a bet only if we want to get a bet during the game. Do you think this will change in the short term to allow punters to bet the internet and / or remote control?

BR: It's crazy that you can do the race over the phone, but not through the internet or remote control. However, I can not see the limitation of the in-the-run bet to lift in the near future.

DD: Thanks for your time.

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