Soccer Livebetting

Live bet is one of the main sources of income for the bookkeeper why?

Well before the game starts, there is always a lot of discussion about upcoming games for Live games. They are often 2 strong teams facing each other and most likely they are broadcast in the world. It's because a lot of people like to bet on the sport they can handle, especially those entertainment items that get a real kick to watch their favorite team and also big-time footballers betting 30k-50k on a game. It is a Jalan bet or bet bet and a half bet that makes it more interesting and varied for punters to bet. These live games are a match where bookmakers make a lot of money through powerful and do not forget a fixed game.


How to identify if the match is fixed?

1.) The race monitors 1. 10 min. If any team scores, it is primarily decided. They will score the most unimaginable timing like within 30 seconds or 3 minutes are common symptoms.

2.) Pay attention to the speed of both teams. The team losing will tend to run slower than the other team. Another point that the team is stuck to work they will fight with all their power to get the ball and the one who is stuck to lose {note this also returns to team that gives the ball but can not capsize AH given} will even miss even inside the mailbox. Sometimes the team that is stuck to losing will even score for the next team of their own goal or they are extremely insecure in the defense and show no effort to prevent the attackers.

3.) Not all footballers are great actors paying more attention to their physical language, they will show great harassment when they miss clear shots, but their eyes are secretly laughing away. Some even have difficulty controlling their face, sometimes they subconsciously look at the camera before your eyes quickly moved.

4.) Coach likes a decision to remove key players from a lower grade. Check this why the coach removed this particular key player who scored the most important goal and attempted to defend the 1 goal well within Early 50 or 60 min.

5.) SharePoint Decision. Legal Objects Required as Outside or Clear Punishment Given as no mistakes are common messages that are not understood by non-understood members.

What to do when you know it?

1.) Do not bet big when his life games. To watch 1. before bet you then bet on the 2nd half as this where the bookies trick show.

2.) You need to learn the art of odd decoding before you are able to bet big.

3.) Do not fully trust what you see in Part 1 as it's obvious is often a trap.

4.) Do not count on the probability that the odds are set in order to apply the average of the punters, so try to shape your thinking as a cookie and you will see much more clearly.

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