Sports Betting Money Management Secrets – 4 Tips

If you want to live in the game of sports betting, you need to use effective money management. I recommend that you always follow these instructions.

  1. Simply invest what you can really afford to lose. You must remember that you do not really have to start with a lot of money. I just started with $ 100 dollars and I followed the system and my money has doubled over and over again over the years.
  2. Do not make your start too much. Simply invest 5% of your total bank account for flat bet (because you bet the same amount each time) and no more than 2% for your progressive system. You need to be patient here and allow your systems to do their slow and constant work.
  3. Increase the initial bet when your bank account has increased by 25%. This will increase your learning power, just remember to stick to the suggested percentages in # 2.
  4. Remember that your Diversify portfolio. If you have a total bank account of $ 1000 and 4 schemes you want to use, each system should allocate $ 250 and you must keep these amounts separately.

You must be apprehensive about your use of your systems and the money management plan. It can be difficult especially because you are doing exceptionally well or if you are losing weight. You may be tempted to deviate from the system or the money management guidelines in both of these cases. But not, just be diligent and the prizes are sure to follow.

Source by Donnie Diamond

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