Sports Betting Spread – The Truth About Spread Betting

Sports Betting Spread, also known as "Spread betting", "dot spread" or "line" is the most common type of bet and betting round based on the difference of points scored by two or two teams in a sports event. The winner is determined by comparing the difference between two individuals or teams and points awarded by a sports book.

Let's look at the following example, where Team A is the 6-point subdog, which makes Team B a favorite of 6.5 points.

Spread / Line:

Team A (+6.5)

Team B (-6.5)

If you were betting on team B to win the difference between the final examinations will be 7 or more to you can win.


Team a – 30

Team B – 37

Looking at the final point above would win your bet! On the other hand, if the final score was 36 to 30. You would lose your bet!

Panels are often created in half points to prevent connection. Yet there are places where a tie will occur, called a push. A push is not favorable from the sports books because no winner would be declared and the sports book would have to refund the money spent at the sports event. However, Sportsbooks may "defend their position" by saying that push is working or pushing a loss. In this case, the sports book would not have to refund money.

Finally, Sports Betting Spread is the simplest bet and will continue to be the most popular method of making money than betting on sports for some time.

Source by S. Byron Brown

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