What is the Martingale system and does it work?

If you spend some time around gambling players, you must realize that many of them (usually those who end up losing big money in the long run!) Feel they have unwrapped some sort of "perfect system" that will " ensure "that they can make money with their bet; One of the systems that many come to armed – often thinking that they have come up with it themselves – is the Martingale System; Below you will find brief explanations of what Martingale System is and an explanation of why it does not work to bet on a football game or to bet any other kind for that subject.

The Martingale System is what is called a "Negative Advancement" system, which requires you to increase the bet every time you lose; In the case of the Martingale system, each loss would direct you to double your bet to achieve the desired profit. So, for example, if you wanted to win $ 10, then your first bet would be $ 10; if you lose then you would bet $ 20, as this would cover your $ 10 loss and would give you $ 10 profit. If you lost again, of course you would double once more – this time to $ 40, which would cover $ 30 you've lost so far and would give you the $ 10 profit you're pursuing – and so on, Until you finally win, at what level your bet would go down to $ 10 again.

Now, it seems that this method would work because the simple fact that "chances of losing eight times in a row" seems to be too high to actually really happen. The problem is, however, that every slot in the game is regardless of your income before and after and if you have spent time on a roulette table or watching people bet on a football match, you know it's not impossible for someone to lose eight consecutive races – since they could be a fixed bet of $ 2,560 in order to win $ 10, which is not a good bet and could put a bank account at risk (after all, one trying to win only $ 10 is probably not $ 2,560 to spare, a man who trying to win $ 100 is probably not $ 25,600 to spare!).

Rather than trying to find a "pick up" system, your best bet is to bet on a football game, simply finding a choice – one with a strong long-term track record – and sticking to this selection system; Thus you will experience up and down, but will always come out of the winner in the long run and will never be a permanent risk of more than you can afford to quit!

Source by Walter F Salmon

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