Baseball Betting Odds: Break Even Rate

The chances that are necessary to work on a particular spread is not always something that a novice gambler is aware of. This is important because novice gamblers get tempted to bet on 200 favorites because he knows it will probably win the game. What they do not know is that if given 200 favorites does not have a 66.6% or better chance of winning, it's losing a long-term proposition.

How to Calculate Baseball Betting Odds For Favorites

I define a favorite as a team with a negative spread like -105, -150, etc.

Take the absolute value of spread and dividend by itself as well as 100. For example, for -150 teams, take 150/250 = 60%. To draw even, our -150 favorite will win 60% of the time.

How to calculate Baseball Underdogs bet factor

Take 100 and dividend with 100 as well as spread. For example, +150 teams, take 100/250 = 40%. To draw even, our +150 will win 40% of the time.

List of Breaking Balances

-200: 66.7%

-180: 64.3%

-160: 61.5%

-140: 58.3%

-120: 54.5%

] + 100: 50.0%

+120: 45.4%

+140: 41.7%

+160: 38.5%

] +180: 35,7%

+200: 33,3%

If you find yourself betting on your favorite, check even the fraction to ensure that the bet is profitable. If you are looking to bet on baseball for a long time, watching the break even percentages. Being able to predict the body's physical activity is equally important when you want to win a bet of baseball.

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