Football (Football) Betting Tips – Discover 7 Current Rules in Live Betting

The internet and live broadcast on games have made live bets incredibly popular.

The main difference between live bets and normal bets is that points can evaluate participants' motivation about how the players will perform or play the game – whether there are three goalkeepers or boys who defend players who are in front of their goalkeepers.

The greatest advantage in live betting is that the punters have exactly the same information as the players and the games are played. There is also a possibility for punters to bet better if the odds are too low. The punters can keep track of the game's development and make decisions when the game evolves. This gives punters an opportunity to make a U-turn & # 39; and reversing bets when circumstances require.

Live bet requires a lot of discipline and patience. The feeling can run very high during the game and your decision can be just click on the visual mouse. Do not swallow the following 7 golden admissions rules:


Live bet requires cold and sober mind. You need to be focused and appropriate during the game. A joke among punters is that it is not easy to do this regularly if you are not alone.

2. Hold the refrigerator

Watching a game is an emotional rollercoaster. How often when:

* we are working – we hope the referee will blow the final whistle fast

* we are losing – we hope the clock will notice slower

When the chips are down, protect against be driven by emotions. Be quiet and evaluate the situation objectively.

3. If you can not be determined, do not wait

You must be absolutely convinced of your decision. Do not bet just for & nbsp; Interested in & # 39; or tying up.


Make sure you understand everything about the market you are betting on, especially special offers like overall goals, number of corners, number of books. etc.


It's easier to determine if it's valid at some point of the game if you know the teams, for example, whether the team is in line with the defense of deep or has statistically won many dark because of his style, etc.


In bet, the bet is from TIME OF THE BET for example in a match between Arsenal and Birmingham. In 20 minutes, Arsenal was leading 1-0. You bet Arsenal to work in Asia Handicap -1-2 (Arsenal gives 1/2 goal to Birmingham). No goal has been scored in the final and played 1-0 for Arsenal. Even though Arsenal won 1-0, you lost your bet because you are betting Arsenal to win @ AH -1/2 from 20 minutes to play until the end of the game.

7. Cut Loss When Required

The typical thinking of most punters is to hang until the last minute, hoping and asking that the team will not let them down.

Be critical and cut the loss immediately and you will find that your match does not expire as you expected. Such a decision can save you a bigger loss at the end.


In live bets, you must judge each state on your own terms. Do not allow feelings to interfere with your judgment. This will only force logic to fly out of the window along with your money.

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