Football tips, development forecasts and Poisson's first method

Betting tips help you predict the correct income from the football match to place a bet. Top tips are statistical predictions. Poisson method is the oldest predictive method and the best known in literature.

This article discusses the Poisson method for predicting football, its pros and cons.

Statistical prophecy began largely since the beginning of the nineteenth century, but the first (and by far the most famous) method was published by Moroney in 1956. According to this method, football match fees can be calculated as arbitrary observations from Poisson probability distribution. Let's assume that x and y represent a number of goals cut by home and home groups. Thus, according to the Poisson method, x and y are random variables, each one derived from its own independent Poisson distribution. The Poisson distribution operation differs for each group.

The function has its own parameters (alleged in the Poisson case) and defines the estimated number of goals the opponents have scored. When the parameters of the distribution operation are correctly evaluated, you can forecast the corresponding output. Clearly, when parameters are empirically evaluated, there are variables of some action with some errors due to a limited number of observations. Thus, predictions about football matches are generally wrong. These assessment conditions define the security range assigned to the estimated number of limits.

The main advantage of the Poisson model is its ability to predict the estimated number of goals. It applies to almost all football tournaments. In addition, the average average for Poisson distribution is based on all the historical games played on a particular tournament and makes the rating reliable.

However, this method has many disadvantages. It predicts points for each team independently, not taking into account opponent team strengths; It does not change between defense and defense in the teams and does not take into account temporary changes to these abilities; In addition, it does not refer to the impact of the ground on the final exam.

All these failures resolved in further development based on this method. The new methods that distinguish between attackers and team defenders, consider the strength of the opponent's team and take into account the world's advantage. We will discuss this development in our next articles and discuss the development of statistical forecasts.

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