13 A fast and simple racing system that guarantees you more winners

Simple racing system to improve your bet.

1. Back any horse who has won their last race and runs back within 4 days

2. In a newcomer, the race time again prevents any horse in the form of today's mirror or top formcast in the newspaper

3. Put two strongly fancied 7/4 shots in each double. If both are put, you will get your money back if both of you are working to clear your profits

4. Back 3 and 5 lb say jockeys at the bottom of the races of racial races

5. Reduce weight in races if it has a stone greater than the horse down to the weight

6. In two-year-old races when a two-year-old horse has won his first races for the first time, the same horse returns to follow another work

7. Wait for the last minute to put your football match. This way you can check which minutes will be for key players or managerial changes, etc.

8. Avoid local derbies in your football game, as lines line sometimes goes out of the window.

9. With the greyhound bet there is a true number of winning greyhound of the first race

10. Rewards 33% or better winner win over the last 14 days. This information is available in most newspaper races

11. At Cheltenham Festival, look for horses with a previous course, as this is an unusual song. If more than one runner goes to the horse with the highest form rating. If there is still more than one runner, take the horse down the bet.

12. Check out all 8 or 9 runners with disabilities and return the first 2 in the forecast as long as the first in the forecast is 9/4 or higher. You could bake them both ways if you do not like losing runs

13. Back draw 1 in Chester to all races especially if the horse drawn in booth 1 is a quick breaker from booths

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Source by Paul John Coleman

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