16 Most inspiring celebrities

To succeed in business or life, I realized that we must make joint improvements. Placing me on the line day by day can be very comprehensive, especially when things do not work as I want. Here, I never forget these famous mistakes every time I look for disappointment or unwanted departure.

1. Bill Gates founder and chairman of Microsoft, has changed the world's world of work in the 21st century by simplifying how the computer is used. He happens to be the world's richest man in the last decade. However, he spent 70 years before leaving Harvard University. The most ironic part is that he started a software company (soon became Microsoft) by purchasing software technology from "someone" for just $ US50 again.

2. Abraham Lincoln received no more than 5 years of formal education throughout his life. When he grew up, he took part in politics and had 12 major mistakes before he elected the 16th President of the United States.

3. Isaac Newton was the greatest English mathematician of his generation. His work on light physics and gravity made him one of the world's largest scientists even known. Many thought Isaac was born a genius but he was not! When he was young he did very badly in class school, so poor that his teachers became clueless in improving his grade.

4. Ludwig van Beethoven German composer of classical music, widely regarded as one of the most famous composers of history. His reputation has inspired – and in many cases scared – composers, musicians and audience who were coming after him. Before the beginning of his career, Beethoven music teacher once said "as a composer he is losing". And in his career, he lost his hearing, but he managed to produce great music – deaf music gathering, ironically it is not!

5. Thomas Edison who developed many devices that had a major impact on life in the 20th century. Edison is considered one of the most popular inventors in history and has 1,093 U.S. patents in his name. When he was a boy, the teacher told him he was too stupid to learn something. When he put on his own, he tried more than 9,000 experiments before creating the first successful light bulb.

6. The Woolworth Company was a retail company that was one of the original five and ten-cent stores. The first store of Woolworth was founded in 1878 by Frank Winfield Woolworth and soon became one of the largest retail chains in the world in the 20th century. Before commencing trading, Woolworth got a job in a dairy business when he was 21. But his employer would not let him serve any customers because he came to the conclusion that Frank "does not have enough sense to serve customers."

7. By honoring, Michael Jordon is the greatest basketball player of all time. A fabulous athlete with a unique blend of grace, speed, power, artistic, unexpected abilities and unrivaled competitive desire. Jordan redefined the NBA Superstar. Prior to joining the NBA, Jordan was just a regular man, a regular who was cut out of a basketball match in compulsory school because of his lack of fitness.

8. Walter Disney was an American film producer, director, scriptwriter, bandwriter and animation. One of the world's best-known film producers, founded a Disney production company. The company, now known as The Walt Disney Company, makes an average income of 30 billion US dollars per year. Disney started his own business from the garage and his first cartoon production went bankrupt. At his first press conference, a journalist wrote Walt Disney because he had no good idea in filmmaking.

9. Winston Churchill failed 6th grade. However, he never stopped working more! He seeks to become Britain's prime minister during the Second World War. Churchill is generally considered one of the most important leaders in the UK and world history. In a survey conducted by the BBC in 2002 to identify "100 Greatest Britons", Churchill participants voted as the most important of all.

10. Steven Spielberg is an American film director. He has won 3 Academy Awards in the ranks among the most successful filmmakers in history. Most of all, Steven was known as the financially successful film director of all time. During his youth, Spielberg escaped from junior high school. He was convinced to return and was placed in the classroom. He rented only a month and then fell out of school forever.

11. Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist, considered to be the most important scientist of the 20th century. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics for his explanation of 1905's visualization and "for his services with theoretical physics". But when Einstein was young, his parents thought he was mentally neglected. His grades at school were so poor that a teacher asked him to quit and said, "Einstein, you'll never do anything!"

12. In 1947, one year in her contract, Marilyn Monroe was released by the 20th Century Fox because her producer thought she was unattractive and unable to behave. It did not stop her at all! She continued and she always knew the public as the 20th century most famous movie star, sexuality and dolls.

13. John Grisham The first novel was rejected by sixteen drugs and twelve publishing houses. He began to write and write until he became best known as a writer and author for his work in modern law. The media have figured on him as one of the poet's best authors, even in the 21st century.

14. Henry Ford The first car companies failed. It did not prevent him from incorporating Ford Motor Company and being the first to apply production line to manufacturing good cars in the world. He not only transformed industrial production in the US and Europe, but also affected the 20th century economy and society. His composition of mass production, high wages and low prices to consumers has begun a college called "Fordism". He became one of the three most famous and richest men in the world at the time.

15. Soichiro Honda was rejected by Toyota Motor Corporation in a professional interview as an "engineer" after World War II. He continued to be unemployed until his neighbors started buying his home-grown scooter. Subsequently he put on his own to start his own business. Honda. Today, the company has grown to be the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer and one of the most profitable manufacturers of the car – beat giant car manufacturers like GM and Chrysler. With an international network of 437 subsidiaries, Honda Honda develops and markets a wide range of products, ranging from small engines to the public and scooters to special sports cars.

16. Akio Morita founder of huge electric household appliances, Sony Corporation, the first product was an electric rice cooker, sold only 100 cookers (because it burned rice rather than cooking). Today, Sony is generating $ 66 billion in revenue and ranked as the world's 6th largest electronics and electronics industry.

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