Football (Soccer) Betting Tip – Winning by learning from the experience of others

It's a soccer game to wisdom that one key to achieving long-term profit is in the bets as punters LEAVE OUT rather than the ones they encountered. This can be interpreted that if you lose a good bet you will not lose money. On the other hand, if you're losing a choice, you're definitely $ $ down.

Some punters believe losing the lead to success, such as saying "before performance failed". It is by learning from the mistakes that are made to improve us as we will learn to do less of what is wrong and more of what is right.

I have the priority to meet many buyers of the book and readers of my articles about football matches. These people had discussed their problems and experiences with me, and they had kindly allowed me to share these issues in this article. I have decided to focus on the five cases and for a clearer understanding, they will be presented in the form of questions and answers.


SPURNING : I have thought about a strategy where I will first focus on some teams and watch the movement probabilities. For example, team A has an open probability of 2.10 and later the price drops to 1.90. I will conclude that this will mean something has happened to team A and that it is now considered to have a better chance of winning. What do you think of this policy?

ANSWER : The price change may be due to the latest news item that players consider necessary to fix the odds. There may also be a lot of money placed on one side of the market, such as local people, and the players need to improve the odds of taking the team to lure punters to bet on it to balance those books. In your case, you must decide if a price of 1.90 is of VALUE to you and if so, the market should also give you more confidence in the selection.


QUESTIONS : I will start with a bank of $ 5000 and try to double the bank each year. I know I need to be complex in analysis and research and only bet on a choice that I am confident in. I will bet for 2 – 5 bet a week and never stop more than 3% of my bank, that is before the first week is the maximum total amount in the bet 150 $. I like to know that the maximum risk is 3% of my bank. Is the plan possible or is I just the day to dream? ANSWERS : Your plan is realistic, but it will only work with discipline and patience in the implementation of monetary policy rules on a single and odd plan. A common mistake that many punters do is to start by following rules that follow on a regular basis, but ultimately respond to effects like greed and impatience. When gone clear, they tend to jump on the band and deviate from the pre-determined instructions and double their share. And when they are down, they will fall into a normal trap of chasing their losses. You said you are winning 2 – 5 mortgage per week. Do not make decisions about rash just to meet targeted bets. You need to be patient to WAIT for the correct bet that gives you VALUE .


QUESTIONS : I have been betting for collectors (payroll or multiple bet) for a while and I have not made a dime. Most of the time I could get 80% – 90% of my forecasts just one to two options would prevent it all. I have always researched well and did not play blindly. Just last week in 9 teams of batteries, I could get 8 choices right and one bad result completely destroyed.

ANSWERS : If you can accurately predict 80% – 90% of the games, most of your options are working on predictions. You should easily get an agreement if you have specifically asked for SINGLE BETS (it is a direct bet of one choice to win). When you lumped them into a large battery, it's all you need to destroy it. You must understand that in games there are many unpredictable situations like bad weather, red card, injury, etc. Possible profits for large batteries are significantly higher than for one bet, but the chances of winning are correspondingly lower.

4) CHANGES (19459003)

QUESTIONS : Is it worth concentrating on arbitrage (or surebets) that guarantee profit every day that's really wonderful ? ANSWER : To make arbitrage worthwhile you'll need a big bet because you need to open accounts with many bookmakers and make the necessary deposit on each account. Great time is also necessary to check the odds offered by numerous bookmakers. Although arbitrage expectations are considered riskless, it's sometimes annoying TRAPS especially when you have requested one side of the arbitrage of the mortgage and you can not get the other side because:

* the odds have changed

] * The bookkeepers set the business restrictions and you can not provide the amount you want

* The bookshops respond to honor the price on the ground that there was a mistake.

5) LOOKING AT BOOKMAKERS & ODDS FIRST [19659002] QUESTION : I usually look at bookmakers & # 39; weird first before choosing my bet. But my best friend disagrees that this is right to do.

ANSWERS : I agree with your best friends. Do not be tempted to examine the probability in advance as it will affect your judgment and decision making. You must first find an attractive selection and work out your estimated odds. You will THEN check bookmakers & # 39; prize and bet END if you find VALUE .


I hope we have all learned some of the above-mentioned punting cases. Teach you to be a winner and you will be a winner. Learning to work is a process. Do not be impatient and expect to make your destiny one night unless you know something that the majority of punters do or you are extremely lucky. Add this value to PATIENCE to your betting policy. It works wonders.

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