How to win a bet – The Best NBA Betting Advice

Betting on NBA basketball is a fun and exciting hobby. As a fan of the game, I tried to earn some extra income by betting on the game I love. It has not expired. Below, I will tell you about some common mistakes that I made and hopefully you will not fall into the same traps.

Betting on the Stars

When playing a game, I usually put my money on the team with the best player. I can not tell you how many bets I've lost to put my money and faith in Tracy McGrady, the star of Houston Rockets. He is a classic example of a player who for some reason can not win a big game. His team are always competitive but he has never won the 1st round playoff series. Betting on experienced players and teams that have had the core of the groups together longer is a better strategy.

Betting on World Cup Undo

This is not a bad betting policy once and sometimes, but you can not count on upsets to make you money. If 10 and 2 Boston Celtics were traveling to the 3 and 7 New Jersey networks before play, a safe bet would be to put money on Boston. Lots of time you will win this bet. New Jersey betting is a risky bet that may pay better, but you will lose money in the long run trying to predict when miserable locals will power up the road.

Not participating in teams playing 2 games for 2 nights

The NBA plan is set up so that teams play 2 consecutive nights rather often. This often involves an early journey from one city to another and thus less sleep and a little tiredness. When you bet you need to take into account these factors. The teams do not play back as well during the second night and you have to bet individually.

Not Checked Injury Reports

This is obvious but mistakes I have made before. You must check the injury reports before you weather. This should be the last thing you do before you put your money down. If the stars are not playing, this is a big factor. If some players in a role are not playing, this can also greatly affect the outcome of the game. The main rule plays the role of the players a little better at home than on the road.


NBA betting is hard to work and work constantly. To make some serious money you have to spend more time and effort than just watching the lines for the game. Be aware of the aspects I discussed in this article and do not put a bet that you do not feel confident in.

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