Betting on dogs – Balance

I love the holder of greyhounds. I could do it 24/7 if there were songs running all day and all night. There have been times in my life when I've been driving in the morning and did not come home until next morning because I was playing the laws in the southwest.

There were also times when I got off the road when I had to work or do a chore or spend time with my family. Luckily, I have a very important one who does not have such a negligence and I soon became aware that this type of thing would not fly.

It has been a long time since I let the dogs take too much of my life. Now, gray hacking is just one of the things I do. I balance it with family, friends, hobbies and what I have to do like chores and making money.

If you've heard a lot about home how often you've gone, maybe it's time to see where your life is in balance. Neglecting your family or friends or obsessed with gambling is easy to do without realizing it.

You go to the track several times a week to start with and then without realizing it's a daily thing. It will be the focus of your life and it's all about getting that program, manipulating it and taking it on the track.

If you find yourself "lend" money from your home account to float the bet, trust me, you are very soft slopes. Ask yourself how you feel if your spouse did the same to get a casino or credit card from the malls.

If this happens, take it back and let go for a while. Get a relationship with your partner and children and your friends who are not on your way. I do not say you can not go on the dog sled. But you need to make sure it does not take over your life.

If you're losing too much effort, work to get better and make some good, sensible bet and stop betting wild. Finding something to do does not involve gambling like playing board games or cards with your children for change. Come back in balance and you'll even enjoy a dog card more.

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