Sports Betting – Reality vs. Expectations

Despite the efforts of the US government to reduce gambling online, millions of dollars are still available every day at sports events, poker and online. Estimates of how much money is expected annually at sporting events varies, but it is common to recognize all estimates that it is in billions of dollars. Obviously, the internet makes a major contribution to international attraction and accessibility, but there are also legitimate sports books in countries such as Nevada and some foreign countries that have legalized betting on sporting events. What makes it difficult to get accurate food is the number of "library brochures" in the US and worldwide. The illegal bookmakers it's estimated, makes almost 50% of all sports betting action annually.

What does the public do to "Windows" to place betting on sporting events ….? Of course, many people are attracted to having "something angry" on a game and almost always watching the result in the television broadcast. Why does Vegas Sports Books put television next to a game on the table? Because they know that more features will come into play that is broadcast than those that are not. This alone can answer the question of how many athletes actually end a season or year with a profit? Playing games just because they are on television is certainly not going to return athletes for the benefit.

Public opinion bookmakers estimate that less than 10% of all athletes will be profitable by the end of the year. Most athletes do not have the knowledge, resources and time to analyze the intelligent sports event that gives them the edge against the bookmaker. Professionals will spend many hours each day analyzing statistics, reading press releases, learning injury reports, watching weather forecasts, watching moves, analyzing trends, and comparing teams and game consoles.

In addition, it's only a thrill to have something in a riding event, luring those who preying on avid. Many sportswear (touts) advertise attractive percentages that are nothing but marketing ploys to reel in sports bettor in search of making it a "big hit". The fact is that someone who can continuously predict the outcome of the game (against spread) is more than 60% of the time in the top 10 to 15 percent of all disabled people. We are not referring to the hobbyist handicapper here, the one who bets once in a while they are Alma mater or once a year betting on the Super Bowl. We are talking about those who place 200 or 300 bets a year. The serious sport bettor who is out to live or at least a decent profit of his efforts will bet on at least 5 to 10 games a week and higher when the football season overlaps the basketball season. So how much can a serious sport do sports betting throughout the year? Answer: How big is your bank available to get started?

The hope of a novice or unsuspecting athlete is always far beyond reality. This is in part, as mentioned above, caused by outlandish advertising claims of some sports betting consultants and services. Requirements to win 70% or 80% of all their games, or that you can make 100 times your original bank account in one season …. etc. Our example of a very good holder is to be able to win 60% of his submissions is very accurate, you can count on that …. To prove this point, why is it the biggest football competition in the world (The Super Contest) who is in the Las Vegas Hilton, attracting some of the best holders from all over the world, offers $ 10,000.00 bonus to all who rightly choose 63% or 66% (forgive me but the exact number is missing me at the moment) in the race. The contest requires each entry to select 5 NFL games per week for 17 weeks. There are a total of 85 games, which means that if someone could properly choose 56 winners of these 85 games, they would collect the 10k bonus. So you can see that Joe's average, which is 60%, is quite amazing.

Now it's time to make money by betting sports. Let's assume you've started a bank account to say $ 1000.00 and you're going to bet an average of 5 games a week. If you place a $ 100.00 bet on each of your 5 games and you made a total of 200 bet in the year, you have a total of $ 22,000.00. This is the 10% commission that the books add to the bet. So if you make a $ 100.00 bet, you will need to set up $ 110.00 to win $ 100.00. This is sometimes called "juice" or "vig". This is how bookmakers be in business. They make 10% of the bet on all losers, which is one reason why it's hard to beat the books. They set betting lines so that they can take action on play as close to 50-50 as possible …. They hold $ 10.00 on lost bet but the winner initially gets their $ 110.00 bet plus $ 100.00 work. So if the book had said 100 bet on 100 each, which was 10,000 in one game and 50 of the bets had side A and the other side B, then this is the perfect event for the book, because they win anyone who plays a game.

Let's use our example of your $ 100.00 bet on 200 games this season and say you're a good actor and can win 60% of these games …. I have to point here that you need to work at least 53% of these games to break even, just because of Vig as mentioned above. Okay, so you caught a total of $ 22,000.00 during the season, with 60% winning 120 of those 200 games. You get back $ 210.00 for each game you won ($ 110.00 you set up and $ 100.00 you won), giving you a total of $ 25,200.00 back, or $ 3,200.00 profit of the year …. It is reality. Consider someone who is only $ 10.00 or $ 20.00 a game and expect to earn a lot and you see the reality that you need a big bank account to live in sports betting. Even at $ 3,200.00 profit, you can certainly not look to live …. And again, we assume you are a "good" handler who chooses 60%.

Fortunately, most athletes are recreational or amateur players and not out to survive. Only seeing a low profit by the end of the year can be very pleasing to them and fulfilling their desire to improve the tension of the game. In the past 16 years by providing sports advice to my client, it's pleasing to me when even a small player still makes a small profit from my service … I've never managed to make money for my clients for 16 years I've been in business …. But the reality is: You must not be rich.

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