Greyhound Handicapping – Know your ROI

Profitability or "profitability" means how much you get back for what you bet on the dog card or elsewhere. If you bet $ 2 and win and the installment is $ 4, your simple return on that investment is $ 2. Of course you do not win every bet.

When you participate in the money you spend losing bets, you get the actual yield. Suppose you make ten $ 2 mortgage in an app and type 6 of them. For simplicity, let's say that every bet gives $ 4. It's an investment of $ 20 for a $ 24 exchange rate. You've made a dividend of $ 4. [19659002] This is of course just a very simple explanation. To be realistic, you need to calculate all costs: programs, gas for your car, what you pay for food and drink on the track, which system you buy, etc. It's plain to see that few people really know if they're running off or not. Are you?

The only way to figure this out is to keep very good records of each bet you make and how much you win or lose all bets. You can write it to the application and then move it to a small notebook or you want to do it.

But if you do not or something like that, you'll never know how much you win or lose. Make sure you write down the mortgage just the way you do it, instead of losing memory. Memory can be a very tricky thing when money – and grayhound handicapping – is involved.

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