Make Money Bet on Dogs by not being a player

Most people who go to the dog board are gambling players. They do not have a clue as to when they enter, whether they go out with more or less money than they went in with. They do not spend much time watching the app, but they spend a lot of time praying, hoping and wanting their dogs to come in. This is no way to make money on the dog card.

I'm not a player. Gamblers rarely lucky to win. I'm a craftsman. Like anyone who plays the stock market, I know before I get on the track that I have a better than average chance of throwing more winners than losing. I have done my research. I've been getting better in what I do, who owns greyhounds.

I do not count on lucky numbers, sit on lucky spots, play my kids & # 39; birthday or prayer to St. Louis. Bernadino, patron saint gambling player. I rely on my skill to choose a winners that others do not know how – or not learn how to spot.

I've spent a lot of time learning my artwork. However, there is nothing that almost everyone can not learn if they spend enough time and work on it. Like many of the people who have benefited from something, I'm still happy to share what I know. So, why are so few followers spending more than the minimum amount of time to get better in disability?

I think most of them truly believe that races of dogs are impossible to prevent logic and practice. Most of the group is still convinced that it's all luck, and luck is not something you can learn to be better at. Well, they are entitled to their views, but I think they are wrong.

I think why are few on the track well. They are gambling, but people like us are disabled, learn and learn and get better all the time when they win. So, are you a player or handicapper?

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